I am a storyteller. I started as a writer, then photographer, and now my new obsession is videography. Sure, I still write, and of course still take pictures! But a creative spark has been lit (more like an explosion!) the moment I switched that button on my camera to 'video'.

Why invest in videography?

Anyone that knows me will tell you I am so passionate about having photographs....the reasons go on and on - they are heirlooms, for many they are our most coveted possessions, they document our story and take us back to that moment at every glance. Videos do that.....and more! With video we can hear our littles' laughs, we can see the way they wiggle their tongue when they're thinking, we can see their nervous twitches, their smiles, the way they hold your hand, the way they look into your eyes. The nonverbal - and verbal communication is all documented and cherished forever!

Here is a simple clip from a typical morning with my kiddo.... one video from my "Life with Harri" series. 

I never promote anything I don't cherish myself. Most know, my business is designed to pay it forward....the little profit I keep goes into running the business. I tell you this because I am not trying to sell you another service... I am passionate about videography and film my own family (some may say too much, if there is such a thing!)

Take a leap of faith and invest in videography.....

I can almost guarantee you will not be disappointed!