In the end, all we have are stories.

People will remember us,

not by what we had,

but by how we made them

feel loved, how we made

them laugh, how a smile

could light up a room.


Photographs document our stories. 

To be fully seen by somebody,

then, and be loved anyhow–

this is a human offering

that can border on


What is your love story?

From the first flutters

felt in a woman's womb,

the entire universe is seen
with a new perspective.

Suddenly, without any doubt,

it is very clear what matters most.

We cling on every detail,

desperate to remember

every moment. 


Why invest in videography??

I could go on forever about this...

I am so passionate about preserving every little detail and memory. In a blink our littles are grown, I grasp at every opportunity to document stories - love, motherhood, childhood. 


Videography captures EVERYTHING. The way your little grabs your hand, how they smile, their laugh, their voice, the way they move, the interactions between the family.


What could be better?