It is incredibly important to me that I pay it forward in any, and every, way I can. I feel so very blessed...people have taken chances on me and helped me along my journey. I believe the best way to improve this world and culture is to continue to put others above yourself, I'm simply trying to do the best I can to make little differences, to set the pace for my kiddo to follow in my footsteps - and hopefully make even bigger waves and changes than I could ever dream of. 

I feel an overwhelming humility for any small success I’ve achieved in my career and businesses. Perhaps that humility is born of a belief that I’m only capturing beauty, and not creating it. My business has a mission statement and here it is: To capture love and document the beauty of life through photography and in turn pay it forward to those who are in need. It’s so much more than the photos for me… it’s about the people and their connections. It's about their stories. My portraits and films are only evidence that THEIR beauty exists. 


My philanthropic goals are my compass and the driving force behind my WHY. Why I… 

  • donate sessions each year to charity organizations and auctions

  • offer free sessions to our church ministry

  • offer free sessions to families in crisis


Please contact me with any ideas or opportunities for future charity events. 

Mission 22: September 2018, we kicked off our annual Mission 22 Charity event at the Calvin Farm in Illinois. Proceeds were donated in honor of Private Benjamin Paul Calvin.

Good Samaritans Feet: Samaritan’s Feet serves and inspires hope in children by providing shoes as the foundation to a spiritual and healthy life resulting in the advancement of education and economic opportunities. Over 30 years ago, a young Nigerian boy, Manny Ohonme, received his first pair of shoes at the age of nine. It changed his life and now he wants give others that same opportunity for change and impact. People without shoes face dangers like laceration, fungus, and insect bites that can lead to infection, disease, and even death. Children with no shoes are often not allowed entrance to education in many countries and can find their way into slavery, or unsafe and inexcusable child labor environments. Since 2003, Samaritan’s Feet and its partners have distributed over 6.8 million pairs of shoes in 108 countries and 385 U.S. cities.

Priceless: Human trafficking is a real threat that I was embarrassingly ignorant to for most of my life. After being introduced to these crimes and their relevance I had to contribute in some way. Priceless is an anti-sex trafficking organization based in Anchorage, Alaska that walks with victims to find new life while meeting practical needs.


The United Missions of Hope: Every child deserves an education. UMH is an Alaskan non-profit organization dedicated to the educational and social needs of struggling communities that lack support and reforms necessary for them to restore a sense of purpose and fulfillment to themselves and those around them.

Young Life: an organization that starts with adults who are concerned enough about kids to go to them, on their turf and in their culture, building bridges of authentic friendship. These relationships don't happen overnight — they take time, patience, trust and consistency.